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Mini LED BLU products continue to advance - 翻译中...

Recently, Dongshan Precision has achieved new progress in the Mini LED backlight direction. Its products used in new energy vehicles have entered the reliability test stage, and products used in high-speed rail displays have also been shipped in small batches.
Car screen: total number of LEDs 4608 partitions 288
Dongshan Precision's latest vehicle screen solution has a total of 4608 LEDs with 288 partitions and a PCB size of 459.65*138.85mm. High-speed rail display: total number of LEDs 480, partition 240. This program uses white light 1010PKG, current is about 2mA, a total of 240 partitions, each partition 2 chips in parallel, the PCB size is 116.28*21.37, using OD1 design.
Advantageous application market
This year, as the first year of Mini LED development, most new Mini LED backlights were released. So far, Mini LED backlights are mostly used in TVs, and a smaller market has been formed. Compared with the high-end TV market, which competes fiercely with OLED, Mini LED technology has more advantages than OLED due to the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness and longevity.

Under the premise of technological advantages, the capacity of the vehicle market cannot be underestimated. According to EV Sales data, global sales of new energy vehicles are expected to exceed 3 million in 2020, and it is estimated that by 2025, global sales will exceed 15 million, with a compound annual growth rate of close to 37.97%. Based on the above basic data, it is estimated that in new energy vehicles alone, the amount of on-board display screens will exceed 6 million in 2020. Due to the doubling of the market, it is estimated that at least 30 million on-board display screens will be exceeded by 2025.
As far as the current car panel market is concerned, LCD is still the mainstay, but with the continuous increase in the demand for display of car intelligence, car screens are used as intelligent interactive terminals, and high contrast and high color gamut will become new in the car screen market. Demand. Coupled with the low cost sensitivity of the automotive market itself, it is more conducive to the entry of Mini LED products.

From the perspective of the high-speed rail market, my country's high-speed rail construction is in full swing, and the high-speed rail and its related industries are developing very rapidly.Official data show that as of December 31, 2020, China's railway operating mileage has reached 146,300 kilometers, of which the high-speed rail 3 .80,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. It is worth noting that from 2018 to 2021, China's key core technologies of intelligent high-speed rail have achieved new phased results in independent innovation.
The layout of Dongshan Precision Products for the automotive market and the high-speed rail market will not only broaden Dongshan Precision's development path for Mini LED backlights, but will also further promote the Mini LED technology to enter the automotive and other markets.
Diversified backlight route
As one of the earliest companies in China to deploy backlight LED products, Dongshan Precision has more than 10 years of experience and strength in backlight R&D and production. In addition to the above fields, it has also released Mini LED backlight products in the fields of TV and IT. 

It is reported that Dongshan Precision products include POB and COB solutions. Among them, the POB program uses 0404&0606 blue light, white light program, and wide-angle lamp beads; and the COB program uses PCB + flip chip + optical lens glue.
At present, Dongshan Precision Mini LED backlight has the ability to supply in batches. Among them, TV products have begun to be shipped in batches, and products used in PAD are in trial production in small batches. In terms of TV, its products have been applied to 32-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch products.
In the application of NB&PAD, Mini LED in Dongshan Precision products can easily achieve a uniformity of more than 90%; Mini LED blue chip can achieve high color gamut LED effect; LCM brightness can achieve more than 1000.
It is worth mentioning that Dongshan Precision's production capacity. As the packaging company with the largest LED display production capacity, Dongshan Precision Mini LED backlight production capacity is currently about 100KK/month.
According to expert Research, by 2025, the total output value of Mini LED backlight chips will reach 1.398 billion U.S. dollars, and the output value of Mini LED backlight panels will reach 6.164 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound growth rate of more than 50%. 

Under the background of the secondary development prospects, Dongshan Precision has made sufficient preparations. Whether it is for the progress of automotive and other fields, or the layout in the supply chain, Dongshan Precision uses rich product solutions, industry-leading production capacity, and industry insights to provide customers with new choices and further promote Mini LED The development of the backlight industry.
For the future development trend of z car display, Leiyun always keeps up with the pace of the times. For Mini LED backlight measurement, the C-series imaging colorimeter can be used to measure the brightness and chromaticity of high-speed measurement and evaluation.

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