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•GA-500M /GA-1200M Glare Analyzer is equipped with a 5 /12million pixel resolution detector and a 180° fisheye lens, which meets the two indicators specified by CIE 117-1995:

1.UGR test is suitable for light sources with a solid angle of 0.1~0.0003sr, so the resolution of the imaging luminance meter must be greater than 5 million pixels to ensure accurate measurement of 0.0003sr light sources;

2.In the Guth position index chart, the maximum value of T/R is 3, so the viewing angle of the test system must be greater than 2×arctan3=143.14°.

• Standard measurement software provides users with the most productive software environment.

•Equipped with a Y filter

•Support for reading and merging arbitrary partial images (ROI).

•Multiple exposure and ND filters to achieve a wide range of measurement and up to 1000000:1 contrast.

•GA-2600 Glare Analyzer is equipped with a 26 million pixel high-resolution detector Canon EOS camera and 8mm fisheye lens or standard lens, which can realize high-precision brightness and glare analysis, such as indoor/outdoor, road glare measurement

 • With professional glare analysis software, you can obtain multi-point brightness data and glare value one time.